Titan Gel to increase dignity, my detailed opinion on the cream for men

Hello! This is the story of a man with a small dick, who did not want to put up with his physiology. Sounds ridiculous and absurd, right? Well, nothing survived, I at the time phrases like: “the Sun, and you call that a cock?”, hence, your tacit disapproval’ll take it. So, 10 cm in normal condition and 12 in the erect. Impressive?

Now none of you (men, I’m talking to you) will have a question why I bothered to increase your member. This sexual organ can only be met fairy and not a fact. Looking ahead (I’m not a master of intrigue), I can say that there was a tool that helped me. It took 6 months of tension, but 16 inches standing in the asset, can be called a landslide victory. It’s not just my opinion. My military girlfriend (Oh, how we need women’s support!) been with me all this way. And frankly, if not for her persistence, I would have been a hundred times gave up. But, everything in order.

I approached the issue constructively. Before increase, you need to know due to what, in principle, it is possible to change the length and girth of his dick. Muscles that can be pumped, at this tender on no. What do you have?

Gel for men

Study the structure of the phallus and the process of erection.

In the center of the penis is the urethra (urethra), which protects the spongy body. It also forms the head of the penis. The edges of the trunk, parallel to the spongy body, two cavernous, or cavernous body. They have a honeycomb structure formed by a dense tunica albuginea. All this “wealth” covers a thin layer of fatty tissue, dermis and epidermis. Once the brain reaches a state of excitation under the influence of the smell of perfume, feminine laughter, the taste of saliva, a touch of nudity and erotic fantasies, it gives “orders” and blood circulation in the cells of the cavernous and spongy bodies increases significantly. Parallel overlaps the outflow of venous blood. The penis elongates and increases in volume.

So, with the clear potency. Now about the possibility of increasing authority. Elastic tunica sheath, which consists of the cell has a great capacity to stretch. This ability and use of technology proponents of jelqing, using a support gel to increase potency. No, there are opinions that can be taken and the usual vaseline or baby cream, but what if there is a specially designed tool? I also bought this.

Clear preferences were not, so look for promotional offers and read the reviews on the forums. Pharmacies haven’t seen such a product, they, in my opinion, did not hold. Bought for a powerlife. Of course, there were cases that users have expressed a negative opinion on the drug, but criticism for me sounded sluggish and unhelpful.

Before you start to experiment on your brother, I considered all the options to increase the penis. Describe each of will not just tell you why I was.

As I was looking for a way and what came of it.

  1. Phalloplasty. Price brought into a state of shock, and the percentage of complications was frankly horrified. Of the 10 respondents, 3 people were satisfied with the result, another two potency deteriorated, and one man actually caught some infection and was treated.
  2. Vacuum pump. If pass, it is only with the constant partner. How do you imagine, “Honey, I just, member frighten”. And yet, the opinion of real users — do not buy a pump from a dark opaque material. Boyfriend need to see and monitor its status, and then pull it from the pump, and he was already blue and not breathing.
  3. Extender. There is an anecdote in the subject. The man has problems with potency. The wife says “Tie me to the member two pencil and it’ll work.” Sex still held. Talking after sex labia: “All seen, and small, and curves, but so that the stretcher carry, this is the first time”. But seriously, while wearing extender, especially its ‘ strap and loop models, a fairly high risk of injury. And yet, and this is my personal opinion, the drawing process to extendere too reminiscent of the methods of the medieval Inquisition — “the Spanish boot”, etc.
  4. Ointments and creams. It’s very simple. There is a cream lubricant. This is a common sexual lubricant that smells good, is poorly absorbed, protects against chafing and discomfort. And there are creams in which the manufacturer adds aphrodisiacs, antioxidants, and antiseptics. They permanently increase the blood flow to your member and facilitate jelka. Their effectiveness depends entirely on the composition. Since I just used the Titan Gel, and to write about its structure.

Structure of my gel Titan Gel for penis enlargement

  • Goryanka Korean. Contains icariin — flavonol, enhancing sexual function (increases testosterone production).
  • Maca. A vegetable from South America that tastes similar to our radish. Over the ocean, it is added to feed the sheep and the goats, when it comes to mating season. Beast comes to the ecstasy and the fertility rates increase dramatically.
  • Thistle and lichen. The oil of these plants reduces inflammation and kills the pathogens. Many men have the opinion that practicing the jelq, you can record some stuff through the urethra. These components work as an antiseptic and kill microorganisms “on the fly”.
  • Hydrolyzed collagen and wheat protein. Improves skin member, softens and moisturizes.

Titan Gel there are still some ingredients, but the General meaning is this: aphrodisiac, anti-inflammatory and a remedy soothing. All natural, no side effects and allergies. If you decided to go on my path, you will need:

  • to buy Titan Gel.
  • to master the technique of jelka.

Buy powerlife

I must say that a year ago I had problems with the Titan Gel purchase on the official website of the manufacturer of:

the Address I tested store

They worked only with real wholesale buyers, and so sufferers like me, had to look for dealers. By the way, in the process of searching, I found out that the pharmacies do not have one, and on Amazon, where I am a frequent visitor, sold some crap in the red box. But fortunately for me, now the manufacturer has decided to embrace and retail. The reason I was told one of the managers: “the more intermediaries the goods passes, the more the consumer gets counterfeit. A real Titan Gel is sold in a tube black. Packaging is also black. We, Inbox, photos go of the cream in the red tube, and attached thereto the angry responses of men. To keep counterfeiting to a minimum, we have begun to sell gel not only wholesale, but also by the piece.”

action Plan:

  1. Leave the application on the website, where you specify name and phone number.
  2. Talk on the phone with the Manager for further details.
  3. Leave your email to track order status, and take part in the “Titan Gel at half price.”
  4. Get the cream from a courier or in the mail.

Now about the main thing — how to combine gel for penis enlargement technique jelka.

How it works?

Jelq or jelqing — a system of exercises aimed at stretching the cells of the cavernous cavernous bodies, through the systematic increase blood flow to drive. This is the official designation of the machinery “milking”. The result, dear, will depend on two things — how often do you masturbate and what kind of grease when you use it. Detailed instruction is below.

Gel for potency

First paragraph you can skip, but my opinion is he needs to tune in to the process.

  • Wrap the member with a towel soaked in warm water. Keep this compress until cool. Wipe dry.
  • Liberally lubricated his tool cream Gel Titan from the base to the head. Without stimulating tools have a hard — flaccid erection, and corn on the cock you not to decorate.
  • Bring the member to state “half-ready”.
  • Wrap the trunk OK grip (thumb and index finger trying to link up in a bagel) and starting the movement from the base to the head. The grip must be strong enough to hold blood in the penis. Once you get to the head, change hand and repeat the movement.
  • If the Titan Gel quickly absorbed, it needs to be updated. Hand during jelka slide.
  • Sessions are held daily at the following rate:
    — 1 week: from 200 to 300 moves.
    — Week 2: from 3 00 to 500.
    — Week 3: 500 and above.
    — etc.
  • If the skin becomes overly sensitive, I recommend to take a break.

Here, perhaps, and all I wanted to tell. Last tip — avoid dry jelka. Quality lubricant (in my case, this Titan Gel) helps prevent stretch marks red dots from broken capillaries and swelling. Very advanced men, of those who used it, claim that the cream works, and like a normal lubricant. True or hoax, God knows. My opinion — you must try it, otherwise don’t recognize. Titan Gel perfect for a wet jelka, but who said that they can not “pull” an erection before sex? Aphrodisiacs as part is available.

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